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  • Sector: Consumer Parts
  • Cooperation: Sub-brand
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Atölyeman is a sub-brand of Voras RD for marketing the sub-parts produced for main products and projects. Current parts are listed through so many e-commerce web-sites like Hepsiburada, Trendyol, N11.
Our e-commerce web-site is under construction.

Aluminum Tube Clamps

Aluminum dougthy tube clamps are used for so many purposes from stage sound systems to building skeleton systems.
Currently manufactured tube clamps specifications are below

  • Suitable to fit for 48 to 51mm diameter tubes
  • Handling types: Butterfly nut, plastic handle
  • Connection types: Bolts, eyebolts
  • Surface: Bare aluminum, electrostaic powder painted
  • Load capacity: 350-750kg


Sailing Pulleys

Sailing pulleys are produced to be used in marine and also for fitness equipments. Stainless steel cover and material used in pulley body is suitable for harsh environments.
Specifications are below:

  • Pulley diameter: 50mm
  • Rope thickness: 12mm
  • Working load: 500kg
  • Connection types: Slotted shaft, U lock, Omega lock, spring loaded