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Petoxil is collaborated brand name with Innowels A.Ş. to produce pet huts and poultry coops. We are elevating coop and hut products to the highest level under this brand.
Innovative design and unique material composition differentiate Petoxil products from current products in market. All products listed in this section is registered to and protected by Türk Patent ve Marka Kurumu in terms of design registration.

Chicken Coops

Easy to use, durable, ergonomic chicken coops are covering every need of chicken keepers.

Different size options from 4 to 12 chickens
Composite panel and marine plywood body material options available
Shipped in compact size, assembled without any tool required
Durable to harsh environments
Easy cleaning


Dog Huts

Comfort, safety, ease of handling and setup has taken into consideration while designing and producing these huts. Self-insulated materials make pets' living spaces more suitable for varying weather conditions.
Suitable for in range middle to big size dogs
Composite panel and marine plywood body material options available
Setting up is required any tool
Compact shipping form
Durable for harsh environments