Elsys AG

  • Website: elsys-instruments.com/
  • Sector: Test & Measurement
  • Cooperation: Distributor
  • Keywords: DAQ, High Speed, Test, Measurement

We are Turkey distributor of high speed data acquisition instruments and systems Switzerland based manufacturer Elsys AG.
The Elsys product range includes data acquisition instruments and systems, data acquisition software and data acquisition cards, signal conditioners such as measuring bridge amplifiers or pulse generators, and accessories such as precision attenuators or synchronization units.


The Elsys DAQ / data acquisition cards are high precision and high resolution digitizers with complex trigger capabilities, a continuous data acquisition mode, differential or single-ended inputs, digital marker inputs as well as an optional integrated ICP/IEPE supply for piezo sensors.
Unique specs of Elsys Instruments

  • High sampling rate up to 240 MS/s
  • High precision of < 0.1%
  • Single ended or differential inputs
  • Input Range up to 100 V
  • Short PCIe format
  • Turnkey software


All required modules for signal conditioning is manufactured and supplied.

  • Bridge amplifiers for strain gauges
  • Differential and low noise amplifiers
  • Preamplifier for acoustic emission sensor
  • High voltage pulse generator
  • Trigger generator
  • IO Box
  • Preicision signal attenuators
  • Synchronization unit


The TranAX® 4 data acquisition software turns your measurement hardware into a measurement solution.

  • Easy programming of the input channels without programming knowledge
  • Data Visualization in Multi-Waveform Displays
  • Multiple cursors allow easy data reading and documentation
  • X-Y Waveform
  • FFT Analysis with different scaling and window functions
  • Waterfall – and Spectrogram-Visualization
  • Measurement Data and Video-Synchronization
  • More than 40 scalar functions
  • Formula editor with more than 60 math functions, syntax highlighting, for-loops, if/else conditions, array calculations, etc.
  • Macro Language for the measurement flow control